Putting together a nostalgic  "GO FAST, TURN LEFT"   FANTASY aircraft!

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I think I can officially call this a "60" sized aircraft. The wing area is about 620 Sq. In. and should weigh somewhere around 8-9 pounds ready to fly. I will be installing an OS 95AX for the power plant. This was a tough decision, as I much prefer gasoline engines . I have several Zenoah G20 engines and they are supreme little gassers. However, this aircraft needs as much power as I can stuff in it without adding weight. That's why I settled on the OS 95AX. It's just under 3 horsepower at 16,000 RPM, and that's precisely what I want.  

This is a well thought out ARF having a good fit & Finish. However, as usual... there a few things I really don't care for such as those crappy foam tires and I don't like the "Y" control rod for the elevator. I changed my R3 to dual elevator servos and using dual control rods. This is a much more solid setup.The last thing I don't like are the wires for the gear. I replaced them with ridged aluminum rods.

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I like the pull-pull setup, and I even like the location being below the elevator servos. This is a very nice arrangement and easy to install and maintain. I also used 2 elevator servos as seen in the upper photo. They are connected with arrow shafts.

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This photo depicts the tailfeathers installed and completed. Notice the LONG canopy! This is fantastic for easy access to all of your internal equipment, especially if you go electric. The canopy is retained by TWO powerful magnets AND a spring loaded latch! This canopy will not come off accidentally. The R3 uses a nice tailwheel assembly typical of better R/C aircraft.  Another feature I like about this aircraft is that, the graphics are already installed. Very nice!

My only big complaint so far is that, you don't get the "TEXACO Star" decals with the ARF. I ordered some TEXACO decals off of Ebay. If they don't work out properly, I'll make my own decals. This aircraft really NEEDS those decals to look right. I created my own tail-art and used Waterslide Decal paper to make them. The little helmut is a Hanger 9 product.

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This is the engine I chose to power the R3.

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The OS 95 AX is a nice engine. It has good power and very reliable for a glow engine. I really wanted to use a gasoline engine but the lightest gasser is over double the weight of the 95AX.

Stock Number
: OSMG0580
Displacement: 0.949 cu in (15.55 cc)
Bore: 1.091 in (27.7 mm)
Stroke: 1.016 in (25.8 mm)
Practical rpm range: 2,000-16,000
Power output: 2.9 hp @ 15,000 rpm
Engine weight: 20 oz (567 g)
Includes: E-4040 Power Box silencer, O.S. #8 Glow Plug, Needle Valve Extension
Recommended prop sizes: 14x8, 15x6-8, 16x6-8

OS 95AX Prop Test:

13 x 6 APC 12,400
13 x 8 APC 11,250
14 x 6 APC 10,800
14 x 7 APC 10,320
14 x 7 Graupner 9,630
14 x 8 APC 9,800
15 x 6  APC 9,600

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The maiden flight was OK. The R3 took off in short order and only needed minor trim. The engine over heated and died after 2 or three minutes. NOTE: This aircraft dead-sticks very well. As it turns out, I was over proped for a new engine.

I reduced the prop to a 15x6 and it ran great. I also added a baffle in the cowling to direct air to the head. This kept the engine cool.

Some of the wires for the gear popped off during the landing. This is annoying. I replaced all the wires with a ridged aluminum tube from the center of the fuselage out, thus eliminating all the wires.     

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All of the decals except the "66" are made by me. This ARF is totally devoid of graphics, so you have to fend for yourself.  Another item this ARF is lacking is a MANUAL. It really needs to have a good quality manual if you don't have building experience. I downloaded the manual off the Internet at Hobby Lobby.   However, this manual is very much lacking in guidance. You are really better off without it.

Graphics: Copy these and make your own decals.

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UPDATE: 10/17/09

I didn't like the performance of the OS 95AX. It flew it, and that's about all it did. So I removed the 95 and installed a Zenoah G26 EI gas engine. Hopefully, this will performe better.

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The Zenoah fit nicely but it added a lot of weight to the R3. It now weighs 10 pounds, 2 ounces. That's still only 38 ounce wingloading. It should fly nice but it won't glide too good.



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