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Glow engines need after-run oil regardless what the fuel label says. And that's a simple fact. This photo is from an engine that had LESS than 1 gallon run through it. The label said "Contains Rust Inhibitors". Well, I guess it didn't work...

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At the end of the flying day you should:

(1) Drain the fuel tank and run the engine dry.
(2). If it's a TWO STROKE engine put the oil in the carb and spin the engine over with your starter. If it's a FOUR STROKE put it through the carnkcase vent and spin it with your starter..
(3) Put at least 3cc or more in it. 

What are GOOD After-Run Oils?

Any oil is better than none at all, but are some better than others. Some people use ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) others use Marvel Mystry Oil. And then there's the stuff the hobby shop sells. I prefer to use Klotz Techniplate. In my 37 years of R/C Modeling I haven't had a single corroded bearing when I used Techniplate consistantly. No matter what you use, use it regularly at the end of the day. Glow fuel absorbs moisture aggressively and will rust your bearing in less than 12 hours if it happens to be a humid day.        

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