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Gasoline Engine - ZENOAH G26

Gasoline engines have only two possibilities for their ignition, electronic or magnito. All Zenoah engines use magnito type. It's not your run-of-the-mill magnito though. It uses a two stage coil which effectively boosts the spark at very low RPM. The advantage would be, easier hand-flip starting... and it works well.


Type: 2-Stroke
Displacement: 1.55 cu in (25.40 cc)
Bore: 1.41 in (34.0 mm)
Stroke: 1.10 in (28.0 mm)
Cylinders: Single, chrome plated
Total Weight: 59 oz
Engine (Only) Weight: 53 oz
Muffler Weight: 6 oz
Crankshaft Threads: M8 x 1.25
Benchmark Prop: 16x8 APC @ 8900
Prop Range: 16x8
RPM Range: 1,800 - 12,000
Fuel: Gas/Oil Mix
Mounting Dimensions: 180 x 193 x 181 mm
Muffler Type: Can
Cylinder Type: Ring
Carb Type: Walbro WT-645
Crank Type: Ball Bearing



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The G26 has effectively replaced the G23 and does a mighty fine job at it. The G26 is a compact little engine. The flywheel and primary coil is located at the rear of the engine.  IF you have to carry the weight of a magnito, that's the place it ought to be. This was an excellent engineering design!

I have owned several G26 engines. My first experience with the G26 was in a Great Planes Super Chipmunk. It pulled the 15.5 pound airplane with good power and even carried a smoke system. I then installed a G26 in a Lanier Ultimate Biplane. It too flew very well. The biplane was lighter and more agile than the Chipmunk and performed some incredable aerobatics with power to spare. I converted one of my G26's to electronic ignition and didn't see any improvement in performance, however it did lighten up the engine by nearly a pound.

My most receint install was a Kangke (Super Kraft) Monocoupe. The G26 fits nicely in the cowling and puts the CG a little on the nose-heavy side without any counter weight. The Monocoupe and engine has a total weight of 13 pounds. While this is over the range called for in the manual, the airplane carries it well. The performance is astounding!

As small gas engines go, the Zenoah G26  is probably the best of the best. I have yet to find anything that compares to it in performance & reliability in this CC class. The BENCHMARK using a 16x8 APC @ 8900 RPM  is right on target!