Changing bearings in your Evolution 26 GT II

Generally speaking, the bearings in your Evolution 26 GT are high quality and shouldn't ever need to be replaced. However, those occasional lean runs do wear out bearings eventually. Or you may want to upgrade to a faster, and smoother bearing just to make your 26 run a little better. That's what I did.  I purchased Boca Lightening Series Ceramic Bearings.

boca_ceramic.gif (10918 bytes)
These bearings are smoother and stronger than any other bearing available for your 26 GT.   Appearance-wise these bearings don't look much different than any other bearing because these are Hybrid Ceramics.  Meaning, the races are  Stainless  Steel  and  they  have ceramic balls only. Another feature of ceramic bearings is, they will withstand much more abuse from heat and low lubrication often encountered in engines that happen to go lean.  

I will walk you through  the entire disassembly,  replacement, and re-assembly of your engine.

Your Evolution 26 GT requires:

1 each 10x26x8mm or called a 6000
1 each 20x37x9mm, or called a 6904

With this information you can specify the type and configuration of bearing you want.

Let's begin with Supplies are NEEDED:

3mm Allen Wrench for Head & Backplate bolts
2mm Allen Wrench for Carb & Adapter
Propane Torch to remove Sleeve & Bearings
Pliers to pull Sleeve
Disc Brake Cleaner
NEW bearings

First, clean your engine with Disc Brake Cleaner BEFORE you disassemble.

26gt1.jpg (88343 bytes)

Remove the HEAD & BACKPLATE with the 3mm Wrench

26gt2.jpg (78321 bytes)

Remove all other components leaving only a basic CRANKCASE.

26gt3.jpg (106738 bytes)

26gt4.jpg (82421 bytes)