J3 Cub BY: Russ Watson

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 .  Just finished a Model Tech J-3 Cub this week. It is a 20 size with a 48 inch wing span. I installed an OS .25 FX. Hope it will pull around a 3.5 lb. plane. It uses standard sized Futaba 3004 servos except for the Hitec 225 servo used for the ailerons. The model built-up very easily with everything fitting nicely. The airframe and covering quality is very good for an ARF. Hope to run-up the engine tomarrow and fly by Friday if the wind permits.
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Another view of the underside of the cowl.

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The OS .25 FX pulls the plane around just fine and it has great endurance with the 6 oz. tank. Several flights were 20 minutes with a quarter tank of fuel left over. Climb-out is fairly steep and the plane will do all the basic aerobatics such as rolls, loops and spins and the snap-roll rate is about three to four times that of a normal roll.

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Did the run-up on the engine on Thursday but the winds were 20 - 25 mph so I did not test fly. Friday the winds were 10 - 15 mph so I gave it the first flight. The plane took a little more steering down the runway than I was used to but once airborn it flew very well. The speed is much faster than scale. It flys more like an Avistar Trainer than a Cub.

  Russ Watson Jan 2006