Super Kraft Monocoupe 90A

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This is my version of the 90A Monocoupe by Super Kraft. The basic airplane is box-stock however, this one is powered by a Zenoah G26 gasoline engine.What a magnificent flying machine! The engine added some weight but you couldn't tell it by the way it flies. It's light and nimble on the controls and gently floats in on landings. It'll perform aerobatics with the best of them...

I haven't used the flaps and probably won't ever need them, but they're there just so in case.The Monocoupe takes off straight and gets airborn quickly. To my surprize, the rudder has a lot of authority and will whip the airplane around in a New York second. I kept the recommended CG and control throws except for the ailerons. I did not set up any fancy mixing or special rates so it's your basic functions and everything is up to the pilot to manage just like in the good old days.

The Monocoupe is very stable even at very slow speeds but she'll drop if you don't watch it. I bring mine in at fast idle and touch the main gear down and the tail up for about 100 feet and let the tail float down. The airplane ground handles very well!

If you're looking for a nostalgic 1930's aircraft this should work well for you.

This airplane is classified as a 90-1.20 engine size having a 76" wingspan. It's easily big enough to carry up to a 36cc gasoline engine as long as the engine isn't too heavy. In order to keep the CG correct without adding tail weight, I put the elevator & rudder servos in the rear of the fuselage. This brought it into perfect balance.

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Notice the high-quality control horns! Those are turned aluminum posts.

The Zenoah G26 fits perfectly in the cowling even with the stock muffler. It also has a lot of power so take-offs are short. The supplied fuel tank works great and will fly it for nearly an hour on a single fill-up. There's also plenty of ground clearance for the 16x8 prop.

The supplied hardware is supreme! You won't need to add or change any hardware, not even the tires. My only complaint is... you don't get any decals.

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The backplate for the engine installed. Notice there's no stand-off, the engine bolts directly to the firewall.

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This is the cowling being fitted.

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Approaching the finishline. It's time to check the CG and start looking for some decals...

The origional engine was an Echo 21.2cc but after some test flights and having some carb difficulties I changed over to the Zenoah G26. The G26 worked out much better!

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Here it is after its 7th flight. She purrs like a kitten at low speed and roars at full throttle. The Kangke (Super Kraft) 90A Monocoupe is a magnificent airplane. It was a pleasure to build, and a dream to fly!


The Monocoupe has 81 flights on it now, and still purrs like a kitten. I re-programmed the flaps to work as ailerons at a flip of a switch for those times I want aggressive aerobatics. I also added a spoiler to the top of the hatch cover which is programmed with the flaps. The spoiler compensates for the flap clmb out. These items are totally un-necessary, but are fun to play with.