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One of the single most troublesome elements to R/C modeling is keeping your engine running dependable. This is easy to minimize if you use a fuel filter. Their are two sources of opportunity for junk getting in your fuel. The first and most common source is your fueler. When you fuel up your airplane anything in the fuel bottle can be (and will be) transfered to you tank eventually. This can be eliminated by using a fuel filter on your fueler. You also need a filter on the line going to the carb. You want this filter as close as you can get it to the carb. When you fuel up, you want the filler to connect between the fuel tank and fuel filter (on the carb) or use a separate filler line on the tank. The other source is the pressure tap connected to the muffler. A filter in this line is beneficial too.  
I see way too many airplanes not equiped with filters, and your are rolling the dice every time you fly. All it takes is a tiny piece of debris to block the fuel flow at the needle and you're running lean or possibly kill the engine in flight. Fuel filters are inexpensive and readily available! USE THEM!

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