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HANGER9  P-47 150 ARF
By: Sonny Coleman

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The P-47D includes details like machine gun ports, a scale cockpit and high-quality retracts for added realism. Functional flaps enhance not only the plane’s performance but its appearance as well, and it’s designed
for use with nearly any engine, from 1.50–2.00 4-strokes,
1.20–2.1 2-strokes or 23–26cc gas.

Wing Span: 81.25 in (206 cm)
Overall Length: 71 in (180.3 cm)
Wing Area: 1164 sq in (dm2 75.1)
Flying Weight: 15-17 lb
Engine Size: 1.20–2.10 2-stroke; 1.20–2.20 4-stroke; 23–26cc gas
Radio: 6 channels w/10 servos

Starting a building review of the Hanger9 P-47, I will try to keep this current.
The aircraft comes well packed in double boxes, it's a good thing because the bottom of the box looks like a forklift fork sliced through the first layer of cardboard and creased the second but the wings, which are packed in their own box within a box, were undamaged.
The aircraft covering overall is almost perfect, hardly any wrinkles and it looks great. I don't much care for the shiney appearance of the finish on the warbird but what the hay, it's a standoff scale bird.
I had planned on using a Moki 2.10 for power, the same engine that was in the Mustang that met it's demise last Fall. The thing I didn't want to do was mount the engine inverted, with the glow plug looking down. The Moki will ALWAYS flood causing the plane to be started upside down (wheels up) then righted and set on the ground, WHAT A PAIN! So the Moki was going to be mounted in the P-47 sideways and a Bisson Pitts style muffler used. The problem with the Bisson muffler is that it goes too far back towards the firewall and the 47's firewall is too deep to allow the installation of the Bisson muffler without some surgery on the fuse. The second problem was the Mokie's cylinder head would stick out a 1/4" through the cowling. The next option was to purchase a Saito 1.80, which was one of the engines the plane was designed for. The other engine the plane was designed for is a Zenoah G-26, I thought the G-26 might be a bit light on power for an 81" warbird.
Work Begins:
The first step is to attach the ailerons to the wings with CA hinges then mount the aileron servos to the servo plate covers. The hinge slots aligned perfectly on the ailerons and wing, attaching them to the wings was easy.  
Picked up the 2 recommended JR retract servos, MAN ALIVE, 260 oz of torque per servo. I'm going to finish out the wing assemblies, (ailerons, flaps & retracts), this weekend. Ordered the 2-24" & 4-12" servo extensions from Tower Hobbies while on the road this week, hopefully they will be in before Saturday.  

I've almost finished mine, it came out way tail heavy with the Saito 1.80. I didn't like the stock tail wheel arrangement, not enough travel from side-to-side so I added another servo behind the elevator and rudder servos with a 4-40 rod going back to the tail wheel linkage.
Nice Features:
1. All the hinges lined up well on the ailerons, elevator & rudder
2. The fowler flaps work perfectly
3. The supplied hardware was of high quality (nice control horns, 4-40 rods & clevises)
4. The Ultracote covering is very well done
5. The retract assembly was built as a unit (retract, servo & linkages) then installed in the wing. The retract flange bolt holes aligned well with the preinstalled blind nuts in the wing
6. The rudder, elevator & throttle servo mounting beams were predrilled for servos, (and the holes matched the servo mounting flange holes)  
Some things I had problems with:
1. Tail Wheel Control
2. The cowling holes didn't line up with the mounting brackets on the fuse
3. The 2nd elevator servo control rod had to be moved so I wouldn't have to use another servo reverser
4. The plane will end up with over 2lbs of nose weight even after moving the battery & receiver forward
I had to switch gears and start working on the Stearman when the Keleo muffler ring came in so it can be ready for this weekend. The P-47 will be on the back burner for a week whilst I complete the Stearman and pick up a gross of stick-on weights from the LHS.

More to come...

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