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Here is what it looks like with the engine cowling installed...

reactor16.jpg (99779 bytes)

It's a very tight fit, and there's a lot of engine hanging out.Those two little dark dimples in the middle of the cowl are the screws that hold the ignition sensor on the G20. In order to get the spinner alignment correct, I had to drill out the cowl to let the screws pass through.   reactor17.jpg (113636 bytes)

Especially the muffler!

reactor18.jpg (61186 bytes)

And then there's the front view...

reactor_800.jpg (96194 bytes)


I have 11 flights on the Reactor as of 6/15/2009. It's a very impressive airplane. After testing an assortment of props, my top choice is an APC 17x6 taching at an impressive 8900 RPM. I also tested various CG locations, and found that it performs best at + .75" forward CG. This is the front-most line on the CG template.

This bipe does maneuvers you've not likely witnessed in any other aircraft! It does your IMAC stuff, it does excellent 3D, and then it does its own aerobatics. This bipe will flip head over heel continiously... as well as knife-edge spins and anything else you can stir up with the sticks.You are only limited by how much Cojones you've got... 

Take-off most is impressive. Simply point it the direction you want to go and throttle it up. Let it it roll out 1 to 3 feet and yank on the elevator... it will climb straight up out of sight...

The Reactor is easy to fly as long as you have lots of Exponential dialed in. I have 75%, anything less than 50 % renders it unmanageable.

If you are looking for something that will stir up your adreninaline, THIS BIPLANE will do the job! Just don't under power it...


UPDATE: July 6th, 2009

As of today, I have 34 flights on my Reactor. I moved the CG back aboit 1/2" and increased the throws to maximum travel.  I also added a pilot to help move the CG back a little. This is a real fun airplane! Some of the days I flew on were very windy with a cross wind up to about 12 MPH. The Reactor did just fine.   


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