Electronic Ignition Sensor Bracket Modification
Author: Larry Pasman

The hall sensor mount I would need has to be flat, the sensor mount came in a round shape. After talking to Tim at Copperhead Aviation he told me that all the mounts he knew of were round. So I decided to see if I could flatten one out without damaging it. The process turned out to be very simple. I use a pair of long needle nose pliers with flat surface inside. Then heated the pliers on my stove just enough to make the plastic pliable but not melt it. I took about 4 manipulations on each side of the sensor mount to get the flat shape with stressing or distorting the hall sensor pocket. The key is not to over heat the pliers, but just enough heat to make the plastic soft enough to bend, and work into shape slowly. Mine turned out on the first try. It seems to have the same strength and no weak point at the bend I made. The entire process took less the 5 minutes.

   sensormod1.jpg (121320 bytes)

End View Before & After

sensormod2.jpg (108929 bytes)

Top view Before & After

sensormod3.jpg (113305 bytes)

 Tool used, but any flat top and bottom surface will Work

sensormod4.jpg (120426 bytes)

Heat just enough to make the plastic soft but not melt

sensormod5.jpg (118857 bytes)

sensormod6.jpg (112087 bytes)

  Gently work the plastic to a flat configuration


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