This ARF has been around for sometime now. I purchased one several years ago and I really enjoyed flying it. Receintly, one of our NEWBIE pilots (Marshal "Mat" Thompson) soloed and he wanted an airplane that flew easy, but was classy looking and agile. I suggested the SIG Somthin' EXTRA.with some modifications. I recommended a big engine, winglets, counter balances, and an engine cowling.  A here is what we ended with...

mat3.jpg (98737 bytes)

 The end result is a cool looking airplane that flies like a dream!   The engine is a Saito 100, I side-mounted and cowled the engine in. The winglets add stability and is gives the airplane a nice "finished" look.  The counter balances not only add to the appearance, they also greatly improve the control..

mat1.jpg (69658 bytes)

Mat's SIG Somthin' EXTRA now has that "CLASSIC RACEY" look.

matnewred2.jpg (95783 bytes)

We changed the bottom color scheme to enhance visibility.    

mat2.jpg (98214 bytes)

The end result is a HOT LOOKING ARF!